Day One: A Standardized Approach to KPIs
The World of KPIs
  • Challenges in performance measurement;
  • The value added by KPIs;
  • KPIs concept map;
  • Governance;
  • Organizational levels;
Understanding KPIs
  • KPI related terminology;
  • SMART objectives decomposed;
  • KPI lifecycle.
KPI Typology
  • Leading vs. lagging KPIs;
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative KPIs;
  • Efficiency vs. effectiveness KPIs.
KPI Taxonomy
  • Interdisciplinary systemic worldview;
  • KKPI use case scenarios;
  • KPI DNA map.
Day 2 - KPI Selection and Target Setting
KPI Selection
  • KPI selection for org. scorecard;
  • KPI selection sources;
  • KPI selection techniques.
KPIs alignment
  • KPI alignment approaches;
  • KPI selection for corporate scorecard;
  • KPIs cascaded to functional area.
KPI Documentation
  • KPI documentation form functions;
  • KPI documentation form design;
  • KPI documentation process;
  • Organizational KPI libraries;
Working with Targets
  • Target setting process;
  • Challenges in working with targets;
  • Negative behaviours setting targets;
  • Weights and indexes.
Day 3 - Data Gathering and Visualization
Data Gathering
  • Data quality dimensions;
  • KPI reporting data sources;
  • KPI activation tools;
  • KPI activation techniques;
  • Working with data custodians;
  • Data collection methods.
Data visualization
  • Guidelines to designing efficient templates;
  • Usability in terms of visual design;
  • Scorecard and dashboard design.
Review & Evaluation Test
  • Course review;
  • Certification Exam.
Day 4 - Establishing KPIs
KPI Project Coordination
  • The business case for KPI implementation;
  • KPI project plan;
  • KPI workshop preparation (data sources, email notification, KPI selection workshop).
KPI Selection
  • Value driver concept mapping; Defining objectives;
  • Value flow analysis;
  • KPI balancing.
Day 5 - Monitoring KPIs
KPI Measurement
  • KPI documentation;
  • KPI data gathering template;
  • Data gathering communication.
KPIs in Context
  • Organizational Scorecard;
  • Departmental Scorecard;
  • Operational Dashboard.
  • Change log.
Review and Assessment Quiz
  • Course review;
  • Learning Assessment Quiz.