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Program Overview

For all the advancement in technology infrastructure and considerable investments made by organizations, generating value from Business Intelligence (BI) software relies on managers and staff using accurate data, in the right format, for the right KPIs This requires developing a robust performance measurement capability, based on mature KPI architecture and supported by a collaborative performance culture... Read More

Benefits of Certification:

  • Learning insights from the largest research project on KPIs
  • Understanding the big picture around KPIs in the context of strategy and analytics
  • A rigorous standardized approach for using KPIs
  • Practicing using KPIs in applied case studies and exercises
  • Access to subject matter resources and tools
  • Professional recognition based on competency certification
  • Career opportunities in a field of growth

Meet Your Expert Course Directors

Adrian Brudan
Research Director of The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education. Under his supervision, the Institute's research team documented over 7,000 KPI examples from 15 functional areas and 24 industries, reviewed 1,000+ performance reports from 125 countries and referenced 20,000+ resources, the result being www.smartKPIs.com, the premier destination for quality performance management and measurement resources. Adrian was personally responsible for researching and documenting over 3,000 KPI examples, referencing over 10,000 analyzed resources... Read More


Ibrahim Neyaz
Director of Strategic Information & Statistics Dept.
Saudi Food & Drug Authority



  • Master of Science in Information Systems -­‐ Central Michigan University (2013)
  • Certified Business Process Management Professional -­‐ accredited by BPTrends Associates
  • Certified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Professional -­‐ accredited by the KPI Institute
  • Certified ITIL version 3 -­‐ accredited by Examination Institute for Information Science
  • Certified Coach and Speaker in John C. Maxwell team
  • Certified and Expert in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.
  • 10+ years of working experience -­‐ 5 years' experience in KPIs... Read More

Program Methodology

  • Active involvement of all the delegates in a collaborative learning environment where opinions and experiences are shared
  • Group discussions, exercises, simulations and case studies
  • Explanation of the theory informing performance measurement, in plain English
  • Presentation of the performance management templates as tools to support the integration of performance management practices in organisations
  • Customised feedback regarding the present use and the future plans for implementing performance management systems